Coventry Recovery & Well-Being Academy

Arty-Folks is a delivery partner for the Recovery and Well-Being Academy and runs “The Fine Art to Well-Being”, a 3 week course throughout the year.  Recovery and Well-Being Academy courses and workshops are educational and will equip you with skills and knowledge to better manage your mental health and well-being.

Course Dates 2020

January 27th, February 3rd and 10th,  1pm – 3pm
April 27th, May 4th and 11th,  1pm – 3pm
September course dates to be confirmed  

All Recovery Academy courses are free and open to anyone over the age of 18 living in Coventry and Warwickshire.  You can browse the prospectus and enrol anytime here:

Arty-Folks The Fine Art to Well-Being course is delivered by staff and members and helps people to

  • Recognise symptoms and effects of mental distress.
  • Understand the link between creativity and mental well-being.
  • Learn how to manage and improve mental health through creative activities.
  • Be more familiar with creative opportunities in the community.
  • Feel confident using a range of creative techniques that help to relax

You don’t need any previous experience of art or crafts and all materials and equipment are provided free.

Participants’ Feedback:
“The course had a positive impact on me continuing in the week and it provided me with techniques to use going forward.”
“How art links to mental well-being is very interesting and I feel now much more able to join a general art class.”
“It has enabled me to be more in the moment and to let go of negative thoughts.”
“It has helped me process some of my issues and helped me access feelings I didn’t realise I had.”
“It helped me focus on art with a therapeutic basis in a step-by-step approach.”
“I got into my flow during the art. Focusing on art rather than a washing machine of thoughts is great!”

Course Facilitators

Lorella, Practitioner – It doesn’t matter whether you are experienced or a complete beginner. The focus of this course is not on teaching traditional art skills, but on relieving mental stress and finding alternative ways to de-stress. Even in such a short course, there is a magic that happens when people learn and create together. It’s fantastic to see how quickly people get to grips with using art for the benefit of their well-being. This course will give you a starting point to embed creativity in your life.

Simone, Co-Facilitator – I enrolled on this course January 2018 when I was looking for something that would help me get through my anxiety of being in groups. And it was just what I needed! I learnt to relax and let go of thoughts that didn’t serve a purpose and it got me away from all my usual worries. I have since joined Arty-Folks’ service and attend my weekly art class regularly because I recognised that art was helping me to communicate and connect to others.  Even if you are not sure if it’s for your it’s worth trying because the art is not intimidating in any way.  Just give it a go and I will be there to help you through!