Arty-Folks offers a unique creative programme that developed through a partnership between visual artists and people struggling with mental ill health who use the service.  Working together since 1995 we have learnt that a person cannot be explained through a diagnosis and that the spotlight on personal deficits and disorders is not helpful to overcome limiting negative self-beliefs and behaviour patterns. 

Creativity is the foundation to mental well-being.

Our progression-focused visual arts programme will help you rediscover your creativity through which you will be able to regain mental well-being.


learning Fine Art processes and techniques to develop visual communication skills.  The visual arts are not just a vehicle for self-expression; they offer a means for honest self-reflection that transforms into increased self-acceptance. 


sharing life experiences with a community of like-minded peers without fear and in the spirit of ‘normality’.  We promote a culture of hope in which people learn from each other’s viewpoints and support each other to manage, change and improve the quality of their lives.


support through 1:1 mentoring and coaching to resolve wider issues and reclaim a sense of self and control over their lives and futures.  This includes support with benefit or medical reviews, volunteering, job applications, signposting and referrals.