Chairs Welcome and Annual Report 2017/18

Chair’s Welcome

It is a great pleasure and privilege to introduce the Arty-Folks Annual Report for 2017/18. AF Annual Report 17-18 final

From our relatively humble beginnings 23 years ago through to the present day, we have continued to work with our service users to improve and grow our programme of activities so that it offers them the opportunities for personal growth they are seeking.

For me, annual reporting is an opportunity to celebrate and to reflect on this well-established charity that makes considerable impact on its members, and on the important role small charities like Arty-Folks play within local service provision. In this report you will find robust evidence of social return on investment through statistics, feedback by our members and in-depth case studies.  It is a testament to Arty-Folks that major funders are supporting the charity multiple times and this is most certainly due to the work we have undertaken in measuring and articulating the social value of our programme.

A significant marker for the charity is also the publication of our first book
Making Headway – Untold Stories by members of our young adults group.   Whilst its production wasn’t without some minor hitches, we are very proud of the courage members are demonstrating through their stories, the rawness and turmoil expressed in their artwork through which we can clearly ‘see what they mean.’   We are confident the book will open up more conversations around the connection between creativity and mental resilience.

Once again, I would like to express my deep appreciation, admiration and gratitude, to our staff, our board, and the members, as well as our funders and supporters who are the linchpin to Arty-Folks’ continued success.

 Yours sincerely

John Gough, Chair