Why we are needed

Without support it can be difficult to find a way forward through a very lonely, frightening and confusing time.

Our commitment to helping our service users transform their lives is backed by robust impact measurement. Our bespoke database logs immediate and long term needs and measures progress made against personal action plans.

Below is a sample evaluation of our data 2018/19. To read more about our work and our impact take a look at our Annual Report.

Art is a powerful tool that is able to spark that human
drive to explore, to learn, and
against all odds to succeed.

Some people experience more than their fair share of difficulties which can lead to a mental health breakdown.

We believe that a person cannot be explained through a medical diagnosis and that most mental distress is caused by social circumstances often outside the person’s control.

A medical diagnosis can offer relief at start by naming the problem but on the other hand can also disempower by putting the spotlight on a person’s deficits and disorders no medication can cure.

The people we support feel stuck with poor mental health and are some of our city’s most marginalised and socially isolated.  However, at Arty-Folks we know that underneath and despite all the trauma and hurts, there is an unbroken spirit still seeking to grow.